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waiting on title waiting on title

The British MILFs have been coming a lot more often on 40SomethingMag.com and 50PlusMILFs.com. And now we have another one. Her name is Alex Starr, she's a 46-year-old divorcee from a city about 70 miles north of London, England, and she's a real fuck toy.

And why is Alex a fuck toy?

Well, for one, she has blond hair and big, fake tits.

She has a tiny waist, so it would be easy to pick her up and bounce her on your cock.

Because she's so skinny, she has no FUP (fat upper pussy), so when your dick is in her, you know it. Here, Max's cock practically bangs against her abdomen while he's fucking her.

And she does fun fuck toy things, like 69ing (she has a nice pussy) and jacking off Max with her pretty feet.

Max fucks her every which way (because that's what you're supposed to do with a fuck toy), and when he's ready to blow his load, where does he cum? In Alex's mouth and on her face. Because that's how she likes it.

She also has that sexy British accent.

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Decorating Sasha’s face

Decorating Sasha's face Decorating Sasha's face

In this video, her first on-camera fuck scene, 42-year-old Sasha Bell is an interior decorator. Her client is a man, of course. Sasha, wearing a short skirt and carrying some pillows (doesn't everyone carry pillows around?) walks into the house, looks around and says, "There's a lot of things we can do here."

She's damn right there are!

Sasha bends over. He checks out her ass.

"I kind of like this fabric on your skirt," he says, boldly grabbing her butt.

Who does that kind of thing?

"We can do anything you want," she says.

Who's lucky enough to get that kind of answer from a beautiful woman like Sasha?

Sasha wants to see his underwear to check for colors and patterns. When he gets his pants off, she plays with his cock and the decorating stops. He ends up decorating her face with his cum. In-between, she sucks his cock and fucks him every which way.

It's a great beginning for Sasha and a very happy ending!

Sasha is divorced. She has two kids. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She's not a nudist or a swinger. She's going to medical school, where she's surrounded by younger guys. She's fucked a few of them.

"Friends with benefits and guys in study groups," she said.

She can be a little daring.

"I did it in a pool with eight or 10 people in it, and nobody had any idea that we were having sex. You just have to splash at the right time so nobody knows what you're doing. I don't mind if I get caught or if people are watching. It adds to the excitement. I've had sex in cars with boyfriends and outdoors when camping."

It's easy to satisfy Sasha. Just eat her pussy. And fuck her standing up. She'd like you to do that. She's into women but prefers men. Gentlemen prefer Sasha.

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Marina’s ass, pussy and jewelry show

Marina's ass, pussy and jewelry show Marina's ass, pussy and jewelry show

The last time we saw Marina Rene, this 49-year-old MILF was fucking two guys. They were taking turns on her fuck holes and making her multi-pierced pussy (there's a lot of jewelry on that pussy of hers) jingle. When Marina's pussy jingles, good things happen.

And, yes, her pussy does jingle in the video version of this scene, but that's because Marina makes it jingle. She isn't with a guy. She's by herself and proving that even if there aren't any cocks around, she's a no-holes-barred kind of woman.

Marina is from Germany. She's a blonde. Her nipples are pierced, too. She's a mom. She has big tits and a big ass, and you're going to get great views of both.

"Those who don't know me are surprised when I take off my underwear," said Marina, who also goes by the last name Montana. That's because Marina's pussy jewelry is so large. It stretches out her pussy lips, but don't worry. Her pussy is still nice and tight. The guys who fucked her told us so.

We first spotted Marina in 2007 when she was walking around topless at the Venus Show (the world's largest adult expo) in Berlin, Germany. She was trying to get attention. She got it. Every eye in the place was on those big, pierced tits. And that's saying something!

"Everyone stares at my tits until they see my pussy," she said.

And then they stare at both.

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Marina’s private show

Marina's private show Marina's private show

Marina Rene, a DP MILF who loves cock in her pussy and asshole, puts on a show just for you in her return to 40SomethingMag.com. Marina, who's 49 and from Germany, has so much going for her, it's hard to say what aspect of her is best.

The fact that she's a MILF?

Her big tits?

The way she loves to get fucked in her pussy and asshole?

The jewelry on her nipples?

The bunch of big rings hanging from her pussy?

The fact that she loves sex and will do anything to please a man?

All of those things are true, and in this video, we get to inspect her tits, pussy and ass without any man-ass getting in the way. Yeah, we know, you love hardcore, but sometimes it's nice to see what a woman has to offer.

Marina offers a lot.

She's a German swinger who is married to a very giving husband. He watched while she shot these photos and during her hardcore scenes.

"One of my favorite things is to have my husband's cock in my pussy and a stranger's cock in my ass while a sexy woman sucks on my tits," she said. "I enjoy double penetration, and with my piercings, the sensations send me over the edge. It's amazing to have two cocks in you."

Here, she has none in her...but she imagines that she does, and one of them is yours.

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Getting to know the newbie

Getting to know the newbie Getting to know the newbie

It's interview time with first-timer Sasha Bell, who's 42 years old and lives in Arizona (she's originally from New Jersey). Sasha is divorced. She has two kids. In this interview, she tells us she's going to medical school, where most of the students are a lot younger than her. She's had sex with a couple of them.

"It's surprising how a 22-year-old doesn't care how old you are," she said. "They see experience, and there's no attachments because no 22-year-old guy wants attachments, which is perfectly fine with me because I don't want to raise another child! It's just fun and it's free."

Wise 22-year-olds. That's why they're in medical school. But why is Sasha shooting her first porn scenes?

"I workout really hard and I lost a lot of weight and feel good about myself and want to share that with everyone," she said. "I heard some friends talk about it and figured I'd give it a shot."

Those friends would be shocked to see her here. After all, there's a big difference between talking about it and actually doing it.

A few more things about Sasha: She enjoys soccer. She likes to crochet. She wants to travel around the world. She likes to be spoiled by men. We don't blame her. She deserves to be treated like a queen. She's not a swinger. She's not a nudist. But she's sexually assertive ("I'll get impatient sometimes and make the first move," she said) and a bit of an exhibitionist.

When the interview ends, Sasha shows off her body and plays with herself. It's the first time she's ever cum on-camera. Enjoy. She sure did.

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Sasha’s first time

Sasha's first time Sasha's first time

"I wouldn't say this is the craziest thing I've ever done," said Sasha Bell, a 42-year-old mom and divorcee who's fucking on-camera for the first time. "I don't mind, and actually enjoy, having sex outdoors. It's risky, a little dirty and it's fun. You both have a great time."

Sasha and her stud have a great time in this scene in which she's an interior decorator who ends up having her face decorated by the guy's cum. Yeah, it's risky, dirty and a little fun...a lot of fun for both of them, actually. As for the risky part... "I haven't told anyone I'm here, so it's my dirty little secret that nobody knows about," Sasha said. "They would be shocked."

In real life, Sasha is going to medical school. She has also been a nail technician and a waitress, and she isn't shy. She once had sex with one of her customers in a coffee shop in Los Angeles. She took him to the back room after her shift was over. She's never done any kind of modeling, but she's perfect for it with her pretty face, long, blonde hair and long legs.

Sasha was born in New Jersey and now lives in Arizona. We're glad she came our way.

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