Lyla Lali – Lyla will do anything…including anal!

Lyla will do anything...including anal! Lyla will do anything...including anal!

"Nothing is kinky to me," 44-year-old Lyla told us after big-dicked JMac turned her upside-down and fucked her in her debut. "It's all beautiful."

Yes, with Lyla, it is all beautiful, and nothing's too kinky, even taking another big dick in her tight asshole. Yes, tall, thin, big-titted, exotic Lyla is taking a porn cock up her ass, and she's taking it very well.

"When the mood strikes, I will do anything," she said. "When your recruiter asked if I'd have anal sex on-camera, I said, 'Hell, yeah!' I didn't expect you to give me a guy with such a big dick to fuck my ass, but it all went very nicely. And that other guy...he just pounded the shit out of me with his big cock. I didn't know some of those positions existed."

Lyla is 5'9" and weighs 114 pounds. She lives in South Florida. She's single. She's very willing. She wants to jump out of an airplane...with a parachute, of course. She goes to the beach wearing a tiny top that just barely covers her nipples and a thong down below. She says she has no sexual fantasies because "as soon as I come up with an idea, I do it."

Like doing it here. Like getting ass-fucked on-camera. No fantasies. Just reality.

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Lyla Lali – Yes, a tiny ass can take a big cock!

Yes, a tiny ass can take a big cock! Yes, a tiny ass can take a big cock!

This scene proves that even if a woman is thin and small and has a tiny ass, she can take a big cock up her ass. If you've ever had a woman say to you, "I'm too small for anal sex," you can show her this scene and say, "That's not true. Look at Lyla Lali. She has 33-inch hips and weighs only 115 pounds and she takes a porno cock up her ass. And she's 5'9"!"

"Wanna play a little bit?" 44-year-old Lyla asks Tony, who's already been playing with her by the time the words come out of Lyla's mouth. Playing includes eating her pussy. It includes Lyla sucking Tony's cock and taking it in her pink, gaping cunt (and it's quite a gaper!). It includes Lyla getting fucked in that little handful of an ass of hers. It includes Tony cumming on her face and the splooge dripping onto her big, fake tits.

Lyla was born in  New York City and lives in South Florida. Her tits are DDD-cups. Her eyes are green. She plays tennis and enjoys watching basketball, hockey and ultimate fighting. She's into yoga, swimming in the ocean and taking walks on the beach. We asked her what she wants to do that she's never done, and she said, "Jump out of a plane. I would've said have sex on-camera, but I just did that. Shooting for is the most fun I've ever had."

She's also taught yoga, fitness and meditation. She didn't meditate while getting ass-fucked. She didn't need to. The cock slid right in, and she enjoyed it.

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Lynn – Newcomer Lynn and the big-dicked bookstore clerk

Newcomer Lynn and the big-dicked bookstore clerk Newcomer Lynn and the big-dicked bookstore clerk

"Interesting," Lynn says as she sits in the bookstore reading the book Anti-aging Sperm Cream. "Excuse me," she says to the store clerk. "Does this book sell quite a bit?"

He says it does. It's a best-seller. "I'm surprised you found one," JMac says.

"Would you think I would be helped by this book?" she says.

"I don't think you need it," he says.

What Lynn needs is to put someone's sperm on her face, and even if it doesn't take away the wrinkles, we like wrinkles!

So she takes JMac into the back room and sucks his cock, then she takes his cock in her 45-year-old pussy then she sucks his balls while he blows his load on her face. It's a big load, and if there's any truth to the anti-aging qualities of sperm, Lynn's gonna look like an 18-year-old before long.

Although, to paraphrase Billy Joel, we like her just the way she is.

Lynn is new to She's married with children. She's a personal trainer. She lives in Connecticut. She was sent our way by Sally D'Angelo, and she told us she loves "morning sex, afternoon sex and evening sex."

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Gabriella LaMay – Yes, you may jack to Gabriella Lamay

Yes, you may jack to Gabriella Lamay Yes, you may jack to Gabriella Lamay

Say hello to Gabriella Lamay. She's a 60-year-old GILF with a passion for volunteering, reading and gardening. Oh, and one more thing...she also has a passion for sex. Some women grow more modest when they reach a certain age, but not Gabriella. Among other pursuits, she's a nudist who wants to be naked as often as possible.

"It's something I got into fairly recently," she said. "I don't know exactly what it is, I just know I get turned on by being naked in front of other people."

Gabriella knows what she wants, and what she wants is to submit to--and be dominated by--a strong man.

"I love being spanked and tied up," she said. "I just want a man to pin me down and have his way with me. Make me beg for more. I think I'm a simple woman to please."

You can see Gabriella fucking at We gave her our best.

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Lynn – What can cock cream do for newcomer Lynn?

What can cock cream do for newcomer Lynn? What can cock cream do for newcomer Lynn?

Is it really true? Can regular cum facials really keep a woman's skin looking young and healthy? That's what Lynn, a 45-year-old newcomer, wants to find out. She's in a bookstore reading a book called "Anti-Aging Sperm Cream." Who writes this kind of stuff? Fortunately for Lynn, the clerk in the bookstore has a big cock and lots of cum for her face. So he fucks her right then and there. That's a very nice way for Lynn to begin her journey at

By the way, Lynn's husband was sitting a few feet away while JMac filled Lynn's mouth and cunt with his cock.

Her children? They were back home. So, yes, she's a MILF.

We asked Lynn if the people who know her would be surprised to see her at, and she said, "Some wouldn't, some would. I have a large mix of friends."

One person who wouldn't be surprised to see her here: 60PlusMILF Sally D'Angelo, who sent Lynn our way. Thanks, Sally!

Lynn is a swinger. She's a personal trainer. She prefers porn.

"Porn is more fun."

But about that anti-aging sperm cream, Lynn...does it work?

"I don't know," she said as she rubbed it in. "But it sure does feel good!"

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Mia Monroe – BBC for the BBW

BBC for the BBW BBC for the BBW

Until she came to, Mia Monroe's favorite job was working in day care. Turns out that she'd rather play with a big, black cock.

"This is definitely the most fun I've ever had," Mia said. "I can't believe I'm getting paid to fuck these hung studs."

Well, that's the thing with the women of, and They're not in it for the money. They're in it for the sex. For the cock. For the once or twice-in-a-lifetime experience of being a porn star and sucking dick and fucking and having loads of cum blasted all over their faces for all the world to see.

"I"ve always been a little shy and insecure," Mia said.

Well, not always. Not now.

Mia is 43. She's from Missouri. She's a wife and mom. When she gets herself off, she does it while watching porn. Now she can watch herself.

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