Valerie’s first time is an anal scene!

Valerie's first time is an anal scene! Valerie's first time is an anal scene!

Valerie, a hot little Czech divorcee with some hair on her pussy, gets fucked in her tight 43-year-old ass in her first scene at How's that for starters! Some women never do anal, not even in their private lives let alone on camera. Valerie's getting her ass slammed by a porn cock for all the world to see.

"Yes, I like anal sex," Valerie told us through an interpreter. "I love how it feels and I love the idea of doing something that's so nasty and wild."

Valerie is 5'2" and weighs only 108 pounds. She's a mother and a grandmother. She enjoys playing and watching tennis and going for long walks with her dog. Her perfect day would consist of some time in the sauna relaxing, eating good food and having sex. She says the people she knows would be very surprised to see her here.

"The people I know don't know I'm doing this," she said. She doesn't intend to tell them...unless, of course, she's with a nice gentleman and wants to turn him on.

She works in a post office. Some people who work in a post office go postal. They're better off doing this.

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BBC shoots. Brianna scores!

BBC shoots. Brianna scores! BBC shoots. Brianna scores!

Brianna Shay, a 43-year-old MILF from North Carolina, is the reason women who marry professional athletes have to be out of their least if they're marrying for love, not money.

You know how all of those pro hockey players are supposedly family men? Salt of the earth? Devoted husbands and fathers? Well, we're here to tell you that's bullshit 99% of the time, and Brianna is proof. Yeah, she's fucked a lot of pro hockey players. Even had gangbangs with NHL teams. The only thing we can say about those guys is at least they had the decency to take off their wedding rings before they shoved their cocks inside Brianna's mouth, pussy and asshole.

Than again, maybe they didn't. After all, Brianna wasn't looking for their wedding rings. She was looking for their cocks. And she got them.

Brianna has been in banking. She's been a consultant. She's been a paralegal. But the thing she does best--the thing she was put on this planet to do--is what she's doing in this, her first hardcore video. She's sucking and fucking a big, black cock, and the next time we see her, she's going to be taking some other dude's cock up her ass. And when she went home to North Carolina, she had a new story to tell all those NFL and NHL and military guys she fucks: She can tell them they are now fucking a porn star.

"I love hockey!" Brianna said, meaning the actual sport. "The Boston Bruins and the L.A. Kings are my favorite teams."

What, no love for the hometown Carolina Hurricanes? Well, just because Brianna fucks the guys on a hockey team doesn't mean she has to root for them.

Yeah, she's a mom. She's the hot mom. One of the hottest moms we've ever seen.

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<b>Is this the wildest thing Brianna Shay has ever done?</b>

Is this the wildest thing Brianna Shay has ever done? Is this the wildest thing Brianna Shay has ever done?

When most women fuck on-camera for the first time, you can say it's the wildest thing they've ever done.

But Brianna Shay is not like most women.

That's not to discount what she's doing here: sucking and fucking a big, black porn cock and opening her mouth for cum. That's definitely something 99.99% of the women in the world don't do on-camera, and it's nasty hot.

But this MILF from Charlotte, North Carolina has:

1. Been gang-banged by 10 youthful members of the military.

2. Had what she calls "five-on-me's" with players on various National Hockey League teams. She wouldn't say whether the Carolina Panthers were among those teams, but we could tell by her smile that she definitely supports her hometown team.

3. Been gang-banged by various members of various National Football League teams.

"I'll have sex anytime, anywhere except in the bathroom," Brianna said.

Hey, a woman has to have her limits.

Brianna is 43 years old, blonde, busty and very sexy. She was born in New Mexico. She's been an escort and a model. She's been in banking and consulting. She's been a paralegal. She's managed salons and spas. She's a swinger and a nudist and she says she's "always trying to live out sexual fantasies."

Doing this was one of them. Whether it's the wildest one is your call.

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<b>Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina’s ass</b>

Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina's ass Nina, meet Tony. Tony, meet Nina's ass

The interview that opens this scene concludes with the videographer saying to 44-year-old Nina Dee, "Everyone knows Tony."

"Except for me," Nina says.

The videographer was referring to Tony Rubino, one of our studs, and even though Nina didn't know him, she was about to give him a great blow job and take his cock in her pussy and ass. And then she was going to open her mouth for his cum.

Does Nina know Tony any better by the end of the scene? Probably not, but she does know his cock a lot better.

To recap: 44-year-old divorced mom from Ocala, Florida, "horse capital of the world," as she said, does anal in her first porn scene. Very impressive.

Almost as impressive as Nina, who's beautiful, petite and has a spectacular 36C-24-34 body. Yep. Perfect. No surprise. When she was younger, she modeled for Playboy lingerie and Venus Swimwear, and if anything, she looks better now.

"I am a nurse," Nina said. "A burnt-out nurse ready for a new journey. You get burnt out, and you've taken care of everyone else for so long that it's time to take care of yourself."

And Tony, of course.

We asked Nina why she decided to try adult modeling, and she said, "I'm getting to an age where I want to start to do things for me."

Nina enjoys working out. She usually doesn't wear panties, but she does here for our viewing pleasure. Check out the shot of her shapely ass when she crawls across the bed to greet Tony. We asked her what she wants to do that she's never done, and she said, "I never wait to do anything. I make it happen."

She definitely makes it happen...whatever your "it" happens to be.

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For starters, Nina takes it up the ass!

For starters, Nina takes it up the ass! For starters, Nina takes it up the ass!

Talk about a great introduction! In her first-ever porn scene, beautiful 44-year-old brunette Nina Dee gets her tight ass drilled by a big porn cock then opens her mouth for cum. Yep, it's anal for Nina in her first scene. And we barely had the chance to say hello!

"I decided to do what I've always wanted to do and quit worrying about what others might think," said Nina, who was born in New Jersey and now lives in Florida. "So I posted an ad on, and that's how you found me."

Nina, who's divorced and has kids, says the people who know her would be "very surprised" to see her here.

"I am a free-spirit, but my lifestyle does not go with this journey," she said.

Journey? Did she say journey? Does that mean she's going to stay with us for a while? Well, yes, it does.

Nina describes herself as "a registered nurse who's burnt out. I want to enjoy life." So she came here.

And, again, what is it with all the nurses we get?

As if you couldn't tell by just looking at her, Nina likes to workout. She masturbates while watching porn. Maybe she'll watch this scene and get herself off. She's certainly doing a good job getting off Tony and us. She's 5'2", weighs 114 pounds and measures a spectacular 36-24-34.

Nina has sex "five times a week. Ten times in a good week."

This was a very good week.

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Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated

Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated Jazmin gets revenge and gets dominated

"This is for my ex-husband, who cheated on me," 42-year-old divorcee and mom Jazmin Cox says at the start of this scene. "I have a real man here who's going to dominate me, something that you never did, you coward!"

Wow, that's rough. Anyway, the real man is JMac, and he takes total control of this long-haired redhead, spanking her ass, fucking her in the lockdown position, making her suck her pussy juices off his cock, spanking her ass hard while she's sucking his cock. Then he cums on her pretty face because that's what you do when you're dominating a woman.

It should come as no surprise that Jazmin's favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory, although here, it's not a theory. It happens.

Jazmin likes a guy who can hold down a conversation. There is no conversation in this scene, and the only holding down JMac does is when he holds down Jazmin on his dick while she's sucking it. Jazmin says you can attract her attention by being a gentleman. JMac is not a gentleman in this scene. A gentleman does not spit in a woman's mouth. But Jazmin likes it.

She has one child. She's 5'7" and weighs 120 pounds. She's been an office worker and a massage therapist.

Think she gave happy endings?

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