Holly Claus – Holly’s Open Holes

Holly's Open Holes Holly's Open Holes

"My sexual fantasy is getting on my knees and taking care of an entire group of guys at a bachelor party," said Holly Claus, a 42-year-old stripper from Key West, Florida. Honestly, we're surprised she hasn't done that already.

Remember when Holly got ass-fucked? She enjoyed it so much that "I went out and bought myself a stainless steel butt plug from this boutique sex shop in town. It has a jewel on the end, so it looks really pretty and feminine. When I bring a lucky guy home on a date, it's always fun to do a strip tease and peel off my panties to reveal my hidden treasure. Their eyes bug out really wide!"

And then?

"And then their cocks get hard and they replace the butt plug with their own cocks."

Good men.

Holly is the ultimate MILF. She's blond and has big tits and a tight body. In these photos, she spreads her pussy and asshole as wide as they can go.

Hey, when's that bachelor party?

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Heather Barron – A Big Cock For Heather’s Virgin Asshole

A Big Cock For Heather's Virgin Asshole A Big Cock For Heather's Virgin Asshole

She's a divorcee. She's a mother of four. And she's back at 40SomethingMag.com to get fucked in her big, broad ass for the first time on-camera.

"Just about the first time anywhere," Heather said. "I haven't had many cocks in my ass."

And she's starting with a big one: JMac's huge, thick cock. You'll be impressed by how easily it slides into her tight, 45-year-old asshole.

"I've been getting it ready for him," Heather said.

The first time she was here, Heather told us, "I'm good in bed because sex is a big priority for me. I'm always learning new things to enhance sexual pleasure and make the orgasm more mindblowing. I don't need to go out. I don't need designer handbags or shoes. Just hire a private chef and let's fuck all the time."

Turned out that this big-titted redhead was one of the hottest, horniest women we've ever had at 40SomethingMag.com. The way she flicks her tongue on a cock...the way she talks dirty...the way she squeals when she has a hard cock deep inside her cunt. All very impressive.

And now that she's getting ass-fucked on-camera, Heather is even more impressive. Not bad for a woman who'd had only one man until she was 29. Now, let the ass-fucking begin.

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Brandi Fox – When The Hubby’s Away, Brandi Fox Plays

When The Hubby's Away, Brandi Fox Plays When The Hubby's Away, Brandi Fox Plays

Forty-three-year-old Brandi is looking out the window. She's wearing a button-down shirt that shows deep cleavage and some tan lines. When the coast is clear, she gets on the phone.

"My husband just left," she tells whoever is on the other end. "Hurry up. Get over here! My pussy is so fuckin' wet for you."

They have about an hour.

"Oh, I'm ready right now. I want that hard cock in my pussy," she says as she fingers her cunt and licks the juices off her fingers.

JMac shows up, bends her over, slaps her ass. She has a tattoo on her right ass cheek. He immediately takes his cock out and sticks it in her pussy doggy style. Talk about getting right to it! After a few minutes of deep strokes, she sucks his cock, then she sits on it. He fucks her missionary. He jacks off over her face while she sucks his balls. Then he cums on her face.

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Elara Elis – Elara fucks her own pussy…that’s romantic!

Elara fucks her own pussy...that's romantic! Elara fucks her own pussy...that's romantic!

"I've been fingering myself and fantasizing about all the guys who are going to jerk off to my pictures," said 49-year-old Elara Elis, a wife and mother from Florida.

Elara Elis is a sexy MILF with romantic and raunchy streaks.

"I have very classical ideas of what's romantic. I love French food, drives down the beach and candlelit dinners. I also love going to swingers' clubs and getting fucked by a group of people. Watching people have sex always gets me off. It's very orgasmic."

Elara is one hot mama, and she's not afraid of showing off what she's got.

"I am absolutely an exhibitionist. I love being naked because it feels so natural. Plus, most of the time when I have sex, I fantasize about being watched by a large group of people. If I pretend like I'm performing for all of them, I will try things that push my boundaries. That's how I found myself in bed with another woman for the first time."

Elara's been busy checking things off her bucket list. She just fucked a guy half her age, and now she's doing porn.

"I love having dirty sex, and this seemed like the next logical step. I've always thought that the most satisfying thing about sex is pleasing the guy. Now I can please the thousands of guys who see this and jerk off!"

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Brandi Fox – The Wildest Mom In The Neighborhood

The Wildest Mom In The Neighborhood The Wildest Mom In The Neighborhood

Brandi Fox, a 43-year-old wife, mother and first-timer from San Diego, California, is horny. Very horny. So she gets on the phone to call her fuck buddy.

"My husband just left," she says. "Hurry up. My pussy is so fuckin' wet for you."

JMac is no fool so he gets there as quickly as he can, and just as quickly Brandi has his cock out of his pants and into her mouth. Before long, JMac is fucking her pussy and cumming all over her pretty face. And make sure you check out the upcoming video version of this scene in which Brandi sucks JMac's balls while he jacks his cock.

Pretty good for a first-timer, no?


Brandi has big tits. She's originally from Texas. Back home, she has two daughters, and we certainly hope they end up taking after mommy.

"I'm the wildest mom in the neighborhood," she said.

And now Brandi has the photos on 40SomethingMag.com to prove it.

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Annette Hotwife – Annette Fucks, Hubby Watches

Annette Fucks, Hubby Watches Annette Fucks, Hubby Watches

"I want you to watch me fuck a man," 48-year-old first-timer Annette says to the camera.

She could be talking to her husband, who's sitting a few feet away watching, out of view of the camera.

He could be watching 25-year-old Rocky sucking on his wife's big tits.

He could be watching his wife sloppily deep-throating Rocky's porn cock.

He could be watching his wife's pussy getting fucked every which way.

He could be watching Rocky cumming inside his wife's well-drilled cunt.

In fact, all of these things were going on.

Annette, who has two kids back home in Las Vegas and works in software, is one of the finest first-timers we've ever seen. Her blow job skills are impressive. We've never seen a MILF get a cock quite so wet.

Oh, by the way, Annette could have been talking to you, too. And she was.

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