Delia Dukes – My, my, my Deliah!

My, my, my Deliah! My, my, my Deliah!

"I've always been a conservative, behind-the-doors person," said Deliah Dukes, who makes her debut by sucking and fucking porn cock behind our studio doors. Hey, that counts, doesn't it?

Deliah (it's pronounced Delilah; the second "L" is mysteriously missing) isn't a swinger. She isn't a nudist. She's never been a stripper. Never even thought about it. She's 41 years old, and until recently, doing porn was the furthest thing from her mind. She didn't even watch porn. She worked her day job in telecommunications. She was a wife and mother of two. The most-fun job she'd ever had was "being a mom."

And now she's here. How did she end up here? Check out her interview on Wednesday, but let's just say that here's another example of magical things happening to a woman when she turns 40.

Deliah was born in New Jersey, moved to Florida, lived there for a long time and is now back in Jersey. She's not a Jersey Shore type of Jersey girl. She's more like a Bruce Springsteen Jersey girl. She enjoys romantic dinners. She doesn't dress to show off her body.

But doing this has already changed her.

"I used to wait, but now I initiate sex," Deliah said. "Thank you, porn life!"

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Marina Rene – Two cocks dock in Marina’s ports

Two cocks dock in Marina's ports Two cocks dock in Marina's ports

Marina Rene and her guys get right to it in this video. The guys can't keep their hands off her big tits and she can't keep her hands off their cocks. Before long, she's sucking cock and playing with her pierced nipples while sitting on the other dude's face. He manages to pull apart her multi-piercings to eat her pussy. Yep, there's a lot going on with Marina: blond hair, big tits, pierced nipples, pierced pussy, pink cunt.

Oh, and she deep-throats, too. And takes it up the ass. In this scene, Marina shows how accommodating she is by taking cock in her ass and pussy at the same time. Then the dudes squirt their loads into her open mouth.

Imagine: She's 49 years old and is a mom. How many moms do you know who do stuff like this? Not many, we're guessing. That's why you come to to see moms like Marina.

She's from Germany. She'll do anything once, twice or three times. We have the feeling she's just beginning to push her limits...if she has any.

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Nancy Jay – This swinging mom has five sons!

This swinging mom has five sons! This swinging mom has five sons!

Nancy Jay, 43, is a blonde bombshell. She's also a mother of five boys.

"We're all very open with each other," Nancy said. "My boys wouldn't be surprised to see me here today."

We find it hard to believe that five boys wouldn't be surprised to see their mother fucking and sucking a porn stud on-camera and getting her face plastered with jizz. Or, as she's doing here, showing off her tits and spreading her pussy for all the world to see. But we also probably wouldn't guess that this sweet MILF with a soft voice was such a freak in the bedroom if we saw her walking down the street or hanging out at the local beach with her husband.

40SOMETHING: Nancy, you are from?
NANCY: Sarasota, Florida.
Do you think it's true that women reach their sexual peak when they turn 40?
NANCY: Maybe 35. That's when I became comfortable with my body, with myself, with my sexuality.
40SOMETHING: So you're married and your husband is sitting 15 or 20 feet away. He's going to watch. Would this be the first time he's ever watched you having sex?
40SOMETHING: Would it be the fifth, 10th, 100th?
NANCY: No, no and no.
40SOMETHING: More than a hundred?
40SOMETHING: When this happens, is he having sex too or just watching?
NANCY: Just watching.
40SOMETHING: So you've been a swinger for how long?
NANCY: Six years.
40SOMETHING: How did you get into swinging?
NANCY: Through conversations with my husband. Fantasies and telling stories about things we did or didn't do when we were younger and what we would like to do. Acting out fantasies. We went to the beach one day and we got very naughty. We were being watching by someone in the water, and so that kind of segued into us thinking that we should try other things.
40SOMETHING: Who was watching?
NANCY: Two guys in the water. We were in the water, too. It was the middle of the day.
40SOMETHING: How many people were in the water?
NANCY: The two guys watching us and other random people on the beach.
40SOMETHING: Was that your first time having sex in the water?
NANCY: Yes. I liked it.
40SOMETHING: What did you like about having sex in the water?
NANCY: The fact that I was able to turn somebody else on and make somebody else feel happy for a little while. The two guys were actually standing there jerking off while watching us.

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Marina Rene – One in her pussy, one in her ass? No problem!

One in her pussy, one in her ass? No problem! One in her pussy, one in her ass? No problem!

When Marina Rene visited our studio for the first time in 2008, she showed her tits and heavily pierced pussy but didn't fuck.

She's come a long way in eight years. When Marina returned a few months ago, she fucked and we got to hear her pussy jewelry jingle-jangle when she did it. And now, Marina is getting fucked by two guys. They're taking turns on her pussy and ass, and then they're DPing her.

Marina can take it. She's 49 years old, she's done a lot of fucking, she's had kids and, besides, she can take a fist in her pussy, so why not a cock in her pussy and her ass at the same time? She's even into anal fisting, which is something most women do not do. Most women don't even try it. But Marina isn't like most women, as her pussy jewelry indicates.

Marina turns 50 on July 28, 2016. We have the feeling she's just getting started.

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Nola Rouge – Cuckold and a creampie

Cuckold and a creampie Cuckold and a creampie

Nola Rouge is 42 years old. When this scene opens, she's wearing a sheer top that her bra shows through and a tight skirt. She answers the door. It's JMac.

"My husband just left for work," she says. "I'm so horny."

JMac takes the not-so-hint and they go to the bedroom, where he commences to feel her up. Then she starts sucking his meat. There's a lot of cock here and Nola manages to get a good amount of it into her mouth. She tries really hard, and isn't that the important part?

Anyway, Nola has JMac's cock in her mouth when guess who comes home?

"What's going on?" Mr. Rouge says.

"Just sit down and fucking watch," Nola demands. "You're going to sit down and watch me fuck him."

At this point, JMac is naked and defenseless. What if Mr. Rouge has a gun? Well, he doesn't, and although he looks distressed, he just sits there the entire time and watches until JMac deposits his load in Nola's pussy. Yep, a cuckold creampie.

Nola is a wife and mom from New Orleans. The guy in this scene is her real-life hubby. She was sent here by 60Plus MILF Sally D'Angelo. And she's a good one.

We don't mean "good" in a Good Wife way. Good in every other way.

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Kendall Rex – Decadent divorcee

Decadent divorcee Decadent divorcee

"Maybe it's my Italian heritage, but I'm very decadent, especially when it comes to sex," said Kendall Rex, a 56-year-old divorcee from Louisiana.

Kendall looks great, and she owes a lot of that to her active lifestyle. She skis, swims, goes to the gym and swings.

"Swinging is a hobby, and it's a great form of exercise when you're having sex with a group of people. You get really sweaty and your heart rate goes up. But it's fun because you don't notice you're working out."

Before coming to our studio, Kendall had never fucked professionally in front of a camera, but she was no stranger to being recorded while having sex.

"I'm a swinger. Sometimes in those situations, cameras come into play. Am I comfortable in front of them? Yes. Being here is like an extension of that."

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