Brandi Anderson – Watch Brandi Get Fucked

Watch Brandi Get Fucked Watch Brandi Get Fucked

"I want you to watch my sexy body get fucked," says 42-year-old Brandi Anderson, who's dressed for sex in a tight, revealing dress that shows off her big, firm, fake tits. Doing the honors is Rocky, who's 25 years old, just right for a horny cougar like Brandi. He slurps on her nipples. She sucks his cock. He fucks her tight, shaved pussy. He cums on her face. Brandi is 5'4" and weighs just 100 pounds. That makes her a fuck toy. She's happy to be a 40Something fuck toy.

"People who know me think I'm outgoing," Brandi said.

Well, she is. Brandi is an outgoing nudist and swinger. She's into men and women. She describes herself as sexually passive, but sometimes, like here, she'll make the first move. When she goes out, she dresses "like a Southern lady with a nice dress and high heels." She likes fun and adventurous dates. And she usually doesn't wear panties.

Southern ladies don't wear panties?

"This one doesn't," Brandi said.

Of course, she isn't really Southern. She was born in Canada but now lives in Florida. She's divorced. She's on the prowl. Can you handle her?

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Desiree Dalton – Desiree Of Our Desire

Desiree Of Our Desire Desiree Of Our Desire

"I strive to look classy and professional, but I also have a dirty, horny, wild, fun side," said 45-year-old Desiree Dalton.

Desiree is separated from her husband, so if you're interested in her, go for it. Don't sit around waiting for her to make the first move. But don't use any corny pickup lines, either.

"Come up and talk to me and just be real. A girl can tell if you're full of it. If we are dating, treat me with respect. Call me, ask me out on dates. I like to be treated ike a lady."

If you play your cards right, you might just get laid on the first date, too.

"I'll have sex on a first date. If there's major chemistry, and I know the date won't lead to a relationship, then hell yes!"

Hey, just because she likes to be treated like a lady doesn't mean she needs a commitment every time she has sex. She did come to our studio after all!

"People think I'm serious, but I'm actually a very goofy person. I love slapstick movies like Anchorman 1 and 2. That type of humor kills me. I'm really very easy going, and I just want to have fun."

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Brandi Anderson – Young Meat For Brandi

Young Meat For Brandi Young Meat For Brandi

Brandi Anderson, a 42-year-old divorcee who was born in Canada and now lives in Florida, returns to fuck some young cock. Because that's what she came here for. Young cock.

"I once had a late-night fling with a much-younger guy, but that's about it," said Brandi.

She has 18 years on Rocky, her partner in this scene, and she asserts her experience in a good way. This sexy, firm-titted blonde is wearing a short skirt and sitting on a bed. Rocky is sitting on a couch. She puts on a tits and ass show then kneels between his legs to jack and suck his cock. Then she gets on all fours to show him what he's about to get. Then she sucks his cock some more. Then she fucks him. Then she eagerly opens her mouth for his cum.

Brandi says she likes being watched while having sex "only when I'm swinging or making a video. The idea of so many guys watching me on is very hot and sexy. I wish I could watch the guys when they're watching me."

Hey, she can imagine what she'd see, and she'd probably be right.

In addition to fucking younger guys and swinging, Brandi enjoys baking and swimming. She usually doesn't wear panties. Her idea of a perfect evening is "a bottle of wine, good music, good company and dancing. Sex is nice, too." She wants to be a mother. She likes men who can make her laugh. She's 5'4" and weighs only 100 pounds. She measures a curvy 34D-26-36.

Yeah, we'd fuck her.

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Brandi Minx – Brandi Is A Fine Girl To Fuck

Brandi Is A Fine Girl To Fuck Brandi Is A Fine Girl To Fuck

"I like to read, go to the beach and spend time with my dog, Sophie," said 41-year-old Brandi Minx. "I also like to have sex."

No wonder she calls herself Brandi Minx...she fucks like a minx! In this scene, Brandi squirms and moans while JMac fingers her pussy and asshole. She sucks his balls and adores his cock. She takes every inch of his big cock into her sweet, tight cunt then gets her ankles behind her head so he can fuck her deeper. At that point, he has no choice but to blow his load all over her pretty face, and she licks his cum off her fingers.

"I've had sex in taxi cabs in New York City and Nevada, which is where I live now," Brandi said. "I enjoy being watched, which is why I have gotten into doing porn and why I attend swingers parties. I get off on the idea of so many guys watching this scene. I hope you all jack off and shoot giant loads."

We will, Brandi.

We asked her if the people she knows would be surprised to see her here, and she said, "Some people would be surprised and some would not. I did not tell everybody I know what I do, but most of my family knows what I do."

We also asked Brandi if she's into anal sex. She said, "Definitely."

Then we asked her if she'd be into getting DP'd on-camera. She said, even more enthusiastically, "Definitely!"

Coming soon. Cumming soon.

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Brandi Minx – Brandi Fucks Like A Minx

Brandi Fucks Like A Minx Brandi Fucks Like A Minx

Brandi Minx, a 41-year-old divorcee from New Jersey, makes her worldwide fucking-on-camera debut by taking on JMac's giant cock. She sucks it deep. She fucks it hard. She shows off her flexibility by getting her stockinged feet behind her head and into the pretzel position so we can see the cock going even deeper into her mature pussy. Finally, that cock cums on her pretty face, and Brandi rubs it in.

Shy? Brandi definitely isn't shy. She went right after that cock. And when a girl goes pretzel in her debut, you know she's super-horny.

"Guys I fuck are always a little freaked when I get my legs behind my head while we're fucking," she says. "They usually end up cumming too soon. But that's okay. I like cum. And there's always next time."

Brandi is a little one at 5'1". She now lives in Nevada. For her debut, she's looking super-sexy in a bustier, stockings and tiny panties. The look in her eyes says, "I love cock." And she does.

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Angela Harley – Fuck That Big, Black Cock, White Girl

Fuck That Big, Black Cock, White Girl Fuck That Big, Black Cock, White Girl

This is Angela Harley's first time fucking on-camera.

It is also the first time she has sucked and fucked a big, black cock, on-camera or elsewhere.

"I've been looking forward to this," Angela told us.

Angela is blonde and pretty and 43 years old. She's from Florida. She's a biker chick who says she gets a rush from the vibration between her legs when she rides.

What else gives her a rush?

"Being on-camera. I like the guys watching me be myself and enjoying myself."

The black cock comes into view.

"Let's bring it on!" Angela says.

It's already hard by the time it enters Angela's mouth. We don't blame it. Angela's wearing a tiny pink bra that barely covers her nipples. The cock is big, but Angela sucks it deep and gets it very wet. Then she gets on top of it and goes for a ride. The cock has been well-lubricated by Angela's saliva, and the way she's moaning, we're figuring she's feeling some good vibrations. By the way he cums on her face, we're figuring he got some, too.

Not bad for a first time.

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