Tarise Taylor – Full-body fuck massage

Full-body fuck massage Full-body fuck massage

Tarise feels sore, so she goes to JMac for a massage. Hey, didn't anyone ever tell her you don't go to porn studs for massages? Tarise tells JMac that she's feeling sore around the neck and shoulders, but by the time JMac is done laying his big wood on her, the only thing that's going to feel sore is her just-hammered pussy.

Tarise is an interesting woman. Yes, she has blond hair and DDD-cup tits, and that makes her interesting. Yes, she has a curvy body and loves to fuck. She's hot. That makes her interesting. But there's more. She was a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Raiders football team. She was a model. She met Brad Pitt (although she didn't fuck him). Ted DiBiase, the pro wrestler, had a major crush on Tarise. He thought he was going to marry her. He didn't.

"He would not stop asking me out," Tarise said, "and I said, 'If you stop asking me out, I'll wrestle for you.' But I ended up not wrestling for him."

We asked Tarise, "How many people do you meet who look as good as you do?" And she said, "Not too many because they're married and they have big vans and they don't have to work and they sit around a lot. And I have energy. I'm a young soul. I love everything. I love sports. I love the beach. I never watch TV, but I've been into Netflix lately. Facebook, too."

She also once had a guy open a champagne bottle inside her pussy. He popped it first, of course, then shoved it in.

"There's nothing like a bottle of champagne to make your pussy sweet and fresh," she said. "We fucked all night, and we did just about everything you can possibly do."

Here, JMac fucks Tarise's mouth and pussy and cums on her face. Which is exactly what we'd want to do.

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Ginger Black – Ass she likes it

Ass she likes it Ass she likes it

Ginger Black is a 41-year-old divorcee, but in this scene, she's doing a little bit of roleplaying. She's married. Her husband is away. She doesn't know how much time she has to fuck Tony, but she knows it ain't much. Tony figures they'll get things started by him getting a blow job from this big-titted blonde with succulent lips, but she says, "Why don't you play with that pussy," and lies back and spreads her legs. So Tony does as he's told. Wouldn't you?

To say that Ginger enjoys sucking and fucking would be an understatement. She drools all over Tony's cock and sucks it deep. As she rides his cock, we see the tramp stamp at the bottom of her back, and we can see the cock going in and out of her tight cunt. She has a broad ass, and after driving her pussy up and down on the cock a bunch of times and getting her butt slapped, Ginger says, "I want you to fuck me in the ass."

So he fucks her in the ass, and then he cums in her mouth, and then she sucks his cum and her ass juices off of his cock.

"The guys I want to spend time with make me laugh," Ginger said. "I enjoy a man with a sense of humor and a dirty mind."

Ginger has a dirty mind. She once hosted a gangbang party with 10 men. She was the only woman. She likes to dress in slutty clothes. Take her on a date to a strip club. Then take her home and fuck her mouth, pussy and ass. That's the way she likes it.

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Victoria Miller – Mrs. Miller gets naughty

Mrs. Miller gets naughty Mrs. Miller gets naughty

"I like to show off the body I've worked for," said 41-year-old wife and mother Victoria Miller.

Well, she's come to the right place! She's a swinger and a nudist, and now she can add porn star to that list. Despite her affinity for being naked, we still sensed a hint of reservation to Victoria. Turns out we were right.

"My friends would be shocked to know I'm here. I tend to keep my inner slut a secret."

Here, this pretty brunette is modeling poolside while wearing a bikini. The bikini comes off quickly and she fingers her pussy.

"My kids think I'm a fuddy-dud. I try to be that cool mom, and I know it's not working. So this is me doing something for me that I never thought I'd have the opportunity to do."

Judging by the way Victoria sucks and fucks cock, we don't think she's a fuddy-dud at all.

Victoria has had sex on the back of a jetski in the middle of a lake and fucked a man 15 years her junior. That doesn't sound boring at all.

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Ginger Black – Big-racked Ginger Black takes it in the back

Big-racked Ginger Black takes it in the back Big-racked Ginger Black takes it in the back

Let's welcome back Ginger Black, a 41-year-old divorcee and mom. The first time she was here, Ginger sucked and fucked JMac's giant cock and ended up with his cum decorating her pretty face. This time, Ginger is going to get ass-fucked by one of our studs.

"I've had anal sex many times, and I love it," Ginger said.

Ginger told us, "I like dressing slutty. I love being checked out. Men or women, it doesn't matter. I just love sex."

When this scene starts, Ginger is not dressed slutty. She's wearing a tight-fitting dress that shows off her big tits and sexy curves, but it's the kind of dress she could wear for a nice evening out. Of course, the dress comes off in a hurry, and that's when Ginger gets to show off her slutty side.

Ginger used to be a shot girl. Shot girls go around clubs selling shots. They're also selling their tits because they usually wear low-cut tops to get attention.

"I loved that job," Ginger said. "The sexier I looked, the more tips I got."

We can guess Ginger got plenty of tips with her big tits squeezed into a tight top. She has also been a bartender, a waitress and a rack girl for a billiards company. Hey, Ginger, nice rack! She likes men with dirty minds who make her laugh, and she says her perfect day "would start with a man and end with a woman. If possible, both of them."

Today, she gets just the man. She gets the man's cock in her tight ass. She gets his cum on her pretty face. For Ginger, that's a perfect day, too.

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Vikki Vaughn – Vikki is the fucking mother

Vikki is the fucking mother Vikki is the fucking mother

Tony's cock had been out of Veronica's pussy for less than an hour before it found its way into Vikki's mouth and pussy. Who's Veronica? Vikki's 49-year-old daughter. Vikki is 65 and, as we just said, getting the cock that just fucked her daughter.

Is that kinky? Absolutely. It's certainly not the kind of thing that happens every day. Is it hot? Absolutely.

Vikki is a football fan. She loves the Dallas Cowboys. She likes playing billiards and being adventurous. We'd say doing this is pretty adventurous. She's divorced. She has three children (including Veronica), six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. She has been a bank teller, the manager of a spa, an office manager and a professional clown.

"I used to be a clown with my daughter at birthday parties," she said.
We'd say that when it comes to the performing arts, Vikki and Veronica have stepped up their game.

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Veronica Vaughn – Veronica is the fucking daughter

Veronica is the fucking daughter Veronica is the fucking daughter

And now, the video as 49-year-old Veronica Vaughn fucks our stud Tony.

And when Tony's done fucking Veronica, he's going to fuck Veronica's mom, Vikki.

Like mother like daughter? Indeed. Both suck. Both fuck. Both have nice tits. But who fucks and sucks better? Tony, being a gentleman, wouldn't offer his opinion. He just came on both of their faces.

Did Tony still have Veronica's pussy juices on his cock when he fucked Vikki?


Veronica was born in Oklahoma and lives in California. She has DD-cup tits that she loves to show off. She loves hockey and has actually played roller derby. She has five children and three grandchildren. But who is Veronica really?

"I can be everything you want me to be. I'm the classy, elegant, mature woman who can make your head spin and make you cry out for more. I'm the MILF that you dream about. I'm that intelligent woman with whom you can have a chat and a great time in bed. I can offer you everything and nothing at the same time. I'm a teaser, I'm a lover. I'm the one you've been craving."

She's the woman who brings her mother to our studio to fuck the same guy that she just fucked.

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