Quiet? Not quite. Shy? We don’t think so.

Quiet? Not quite. Shy? We don't think so. Quiet? Not quite. Shy? We don't think so.

"I come across as shy and quiet, but I have a horny side that surprises people," said 52-year-old divorcee Layla LaMora.

Layla surprised us by making loud humming noises when she was sucking a stud's cock in her first scene at 50PlusMILFs.com, and she was full of surprises (and cock) when she fucked her son's two best friends in her encore scene. In that one, two young guys filled her mouth and pussy with cock and glazed her face.

Before coming to our studio, Layla had never sucked and fucked on-camera, and she had never been in a three-way. Once we started rolling, it was clear that Layla's motto is: a little less conversation, a little more action. She would rather use her lips for sucking cock and let her body do the talking as she rides and pounds till she has an orgasm.

We asked Layla if she likes being watched while having sex, and she said, "I will find out." She found out. "I do," she said.

Would her friends and family be shocked to know she did this?

"I'm not sure. You never know what I'm going to do next."

If we had to guess, we'd say her next move would be finding new, younger cocks to fuck. Maybe with an audience to watch. We can only hope. Meanwhile, enjoy Layla's big tits and meaty, pink pussy. She's a keeper.

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Taking turns on the mom’s ass

Taking turns on the mom's ass Taking turns on the mom's ass

"Yes, I like anal sex," 41-year-old divorced mom Lily Canary told us when she made her 40SomethingMag.com debut.

She didn't get ass-fucked in that scene, but she does here. In fact, two young studs take turns on Lily's tight ass, and when they can't hold back any longer (which is a lot longer than we would've been able to hold back), they shoot their loads on her pretty tits and face.

Lily is from the Czech Republic, and a lot of women from the Czech Republic have three-ways in their private lives. Some of them do it as porn stars. Very few of them are mothers. That's what makes a scene like this so special.

Lily wants to visit the United States. We think she should so some American guys can have fun with her ass. Why should Czech guys have all the fun? She's a romantic. She likes gentlemen. These guys were gentlemen. Each waited until it was his turn to fuck her ass.

"I loved watching my first scene at 40SomethingMag.com," Lily told us. "I watched it with a gentleman friend who I had never had sex with but wanted to seduce. I could see him getting hard so I said to him, 'You can take it out.' So he did and I gave him a blow job while we watched my scene."

Sounds like a helluva date!

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A very good Night

A very good Night A very good Night

It's time to get to know Nadia Night, a 40-year-old, sex-loving, big-titted babe from South Florida. Nadia has posed for Leg Sex and SCORE magazine. SCORELAND, too, and now she's on her second scene at 40Something. She's getting older and better.

Nadia has dark hair and hazel eyes and DDD-cup tits. She's very feisty. She loves to fuck. She knows she's a sex kitten and enjoys getting and giving pleasure. She's not a mom. She's not even a cougar, really. And she says the people who know her best would not be surprised to see her here.

"Who needs clothes anyway?" she said. "I don't classify myself as a nudist. I just think clothes are overrated."

They are when a woman has a body like Nadia's. Long legs. Slim waist. DDD-cup tits. The woman has it all. She loves to suck cock and balls. She loves to fuck. She's even open to anal sex, which she's doing today and talks about in this interview.

Nadia is a wild woman who's living a wild life, and now we get to enjoy it with her.

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Fucking Nadia’s tight asshole

Fucking Nadia's tight asshole Fucking Nadia's tight asshole

Nadia Night sucks and gags on Jimmy's cock then gets her pussy and ass fucked every which way in her second video at 40SomethingMag.com. Nadia told us in the interview that she used to have a lot of sex but hadn't had it in a while before this scene. She was a little nervous about it, so she had her big-dicked boyfriend fuck her ass the night before. She was still a little nervous when it came time to fuck the porno cock, but as you're about to see, Nadia had no reason to be nervous. She enjoyed having a porno cock in her tight ass.

Nadia is 40 years old. She has tits that are big enough for SCORELAND, and, in fact, that's where she started modeling. She has a tight body and tight fuck holes.

"Oh, yeah, it's tight!" Nadia said of her asshole.

Nadia offered this tip for guys who want to fuck their wife or girlfriend's ass the right way.

"Just play with the pussy and play with the ass and get it all naughty and wet," she said.

In other words, don't just pop it in.

Nadia told us she enjoys "everything that involves the ocean." She never wears panties. She says she dresses "sexy, sassy and sensual." She wants to go SCUBA diving, but she hasn't yet.

Hey, if a woman can get ass-fucked on-camera, she can definitely go diving. That's our opinion.

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How did Nadia get ready for her anal scene? She practiced!

How did Nadia get ready for her anal scene? She practiced! How did Nadia get ready for her anal scene? She practiced!

It's not that 40-year-old Nadia Night had never had anal sex before. She had. Lots of times. But this busty, exotic hottie hadn't been fucked in the ass for a long time, and she was a little bit nervous about taking a big porn cock in her tight butthole. So what did she do? She practiced.

"My boyfriend fucked me in the ass. He has a really big cock, and I thought, 'This will help me get ready for my scene, so he fucked me in the ass. I said to my boyfriend, 'Hey, I need you to fuck me in the ass because I have to do this scene tomorrow and I'm really nervous about it.' He said, 'Okay, I'll be right there.'

"We went to the fuck store, a random naughty fuck store, and he bought this dildo thing and this anal ease stuff, and then we put it on his dick and he put it on me. Then he just started putting his fingers in my ass, playing with my pussy, and then he started putting his dick in my ass a little at a time, because you have to get past that one point, and I was like, 'Just do it already! Just fuck me in the ass!' So he fucked me in the ass, and finally I said, 'This is why I like this.' It feels good once it's in there. It stimulates my pussy and my ass at the same time."

So, when Jimmy showed up with his porn-sized dick, Nadia's asshole was ready for it. He fucked her pussy and ass every which way then shot his load on her pretty face.

Proving, once again, that practice makes perfect.

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Stand-up comedian sits down on hard cock

Stand-up comedian sits down on hard cock Stand-up comedian sits down on hard cock

Jamie Foster, a 48-year-old divorcee, makes her on-camera sucking and fucking debut, but before she does, she sits down for an interview. We have a surprise for her.

"How was your drive over?" our interviewer asks her.

"The drive over was chill," she says. "Beautiful horse country. Even the driver was cute. He was super-hot."

"What would you do if I told you that the driver is the guy who's going to fuck you later?" he asks.

"I would say, 'Tell me the motherfucking truth.'"

Well, he is, and when Carlos--her driver--shows up, she's ready for action and so is he. Can't blame him. Jamie is a sexy, petite woman with a great little body, and there's something very sensual about her.

"I'm pervy, I'm kinky," she said. "I'm sorta addicted to my Hitachi. I'm in a long-term relationship with a power tool, so that is a big part of it! I like stamina. I like a guy who can go for a long time."

Carlos goes for a long time, fucking her every which way and cumming in her mouth.

There was a very good reason Jamie wasn't nervous about breaking her hardcore cherry.

"I've been doing standup comedy for 20 years," she said. "I do it four or five times a week, so for me, doing porn isn't even the most freaky, stressful thing I've ever done. It's fun."

Jamie has a lot of fun in this scene. She seems like a woman who has a lot of fun all the time.

"I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist, like when I was younger I would flash people and make naughty phone calls, and as I grew up, I got more and more into modeling, and it started with bathing suit modeling and then it became more and more adult and now I'm moving onto hardcore and my first sex shoot today."

Welcome to the club, Jamie.

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